/// Finding The Right Freight Class

Finding the right freight class for a shipment can be a tough task for any shipper. NMFC freight classifications can affect your:
  • Transit Time
  • Shipment Cost
  • Overall Shipping Process
With our experience in the industry, LTL Freight Shop is able to help you find the right class and NMFC freight code for your shipments.


Freight Class

/// Why Should YOU Talk To A Rep For A Quote?

Many of our competitors offer online quotes, and we could too, but with every shipment being different, it is best to get the quote right the first time! You can fill out the form or you can call us Toll-Free at 888.752.0443 to get an accurate quote based on YOUR actual shipping needs. Not all shipments are the same, and can help get the best options to you quickly.

  1. Fast Service

  2. Hassle Free Quotes

  3. Professional Carriers


/// Customer Testimonials

"LTLFreightShop is such a pleasure to work with. The staff is fun, customer friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are receiving the care we deserve."
- Sharon, Shipping Manager

"LTLFreightShop has really helped my company reduce our overall freight costs. They have provided new carriers in our portfolio that have saved us on our freight costs and provide the quality service we were looking for."
- Daniel, CFO
 - Home Accessories

"I had a hard time getting quote for my first time shipping 2 pallets of merchandise. I talked with the rep and they helped me walked through the process of determining freight class and finding the best carrier for the type. Seem-less process from pickup to deliver, thanks!"
- Janet, LTL Shipper

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