NMFC Freight Classifications – Freight Class 50

NMFC Freight Classifications – Freight Class 50

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NMFC freight classifications are divided into 18 freight classes. Many of the common NMFC codes fall under freight class 50. Class 50 NMFC freight classes are typically some of the more industrialized products in LTL freight shipping. LTL freight carriers prefer items in freight class 50 because they are more durable goods and not as susceptible to freight damage as the higher freight class items.

Items with a freight classification of freight class 50 are also referred to as “clean freight” by national LTL freight carriers. To these LTL carriers, this means that it is on standard sized pallets (4ft x 4ft), shrink wrapped with no freight hanging over, and weighing around 1500 pounds or more per pallet of freight. These freight shipping items usually weigh more than items with higher freight classes, but take up less trailer space than the items with a higher freight classification.

Iron, steel, strip steel, castings, spare parts, bolts, screws, nuts, forms and molds with a cubic density of 50 pounds per cubic foot are all items that are shipped at freight class 50. Some of our LTL freight carriers like Central Transport for example use a specialized freight density calculator. This freight class calculator is for items that have a higher class NMFC code but are actually rated lower with their density calculator! LTL Freight Shop also uses our own density calculator to find your freight class, in rare cases that we are unable to find your specialized NMFC code!

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