NMFC Freight Class Help – Paint – NMFC 149980

NMFC Freight Class Help – Paint – NMFC 149980

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Paint Freight Class | NMFC 149980 | Freight Class HelpLately our representatives at LTL Freight Shop have been receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding paint shipping. Many of the people or companies have been having issues with the shipping process, especially with regards to the freight class of paint. Our freight class experts are here to help you to make sure that your shipment doesn’t get re-classed.

When shipping paint, it is common to use NMFC 149980 for your shipment. It is important to remember that this freight classification also lists NOI, which means Not Otherwise Indexed. This NMFC code also consists of paint related products, including:

  • Paint Freight Class
  • Paint Additives & Compounds Freight Class
  • Paint Driers and Wood Fillers Freight Class
  • Lacquer, Shellacs, Stains and Varnishes Freight Class
  • Bronzing Liquids Freight Class
  • Paint Plasticizers and Solvent Freight Class

The details of shipping freight that consists of paint can be very specific. Depending on the shipment, you could be required to classify it as HazMat or other things, which could lead to the freight shipping cost to increase. It is important to consult with your freight shipping representative to ensure you are shipping paint or paint related products in the correct manner.

If you have any questions in regards to shipping paint, especially when it deals with the freight class for paint, please contact one of our experienced reps today or call 888-752-0443.

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