Freight Shipping Classes – Class 60 Freight

Freight Shipping Classes – Class 60 Freight

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Freight Class

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) published a list of 18 freight classes (ranging from 50-500) that is applied universally in the Less than Truckload, or LTL freight shipping industry. This National Motor Freight Classification code, also known as the NMFC code, is mainly based on the density of the shipment. This NMFC class, along with other pricing factors such as damage risk, distance, and value, determines the shipping cost of your item. As a guideline, the lower the freight classification, the lower the shipping price will be. The same goes for the higher freight classes having higher freight rates per every 100lbs shipped! Freight class signifies what is on the dock and is also a preview for the LTL carrier as to what is being picked up.

One of the more common freight classes for shipments is Freight Class 60. Class 60 freight has a density of 30 pounds per cubic foot, and generally includes items being shipping that are non-hazmat, hard freight such as the following:

  • Car parts and auto parts, including used tires, wheel parts
  • Metal machinery
  • Pipe iron or steel
  • Ceramic tile
  • Haircare Products, Beauty products and toiletries
  • Beverages and Coffee products
  • Salad dressing

Because the NMFC does not offer a standard freight classification template that can be applied across the board and considering the marketplace continually changes, it is best to contact a freight and shipping expert to identify your commodity’s freight class and avoid the re-class charge.

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