Freight Class 55 – NMFC Freight Classification

Freight Class 55 – NMFC Freight Classification

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Freight shipping items that are classified under freight class 55 usually come in many different forms. These items can range in industry type, product type and will fall under different NMFC codes. At LTL Freight Shop, we have a wide range of LTL freight customers shipping items the fall under NMFC freight class 55.

As we stated, there are many items that fall under the NMFC freight classification 55. These items include, but are not limited to resin compounds, animal grease, certain bricks, films, adhesives, abrasives, grinding wheels, magazines, cement, asphalts, and many more. Class 55 is still one of the lower freight classes, as there are 18 classes ranging from freight class 50 to freight class 500. In terms of pricing, these items under freight class 55 are still favorable to customers because they are normally heavier and take up less space on a truck. Also, most LTL freight carriers like picking up these items because of the low liability of these items.

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